Month: April 2021

Image courtesy of Paramore.

Discography Deep Dive: Paramore

I have been a fan of Paramore for as long as I can remember. Their catchy riffs and lyrics paired with lead vocalist Hayley Williams’s powerhouse of a voice make for a long list of emotional head-bangers that have stayed with me throughout most of my life. Part of me feels as if I grew up with Paramore. Each album’s differences seem to have changed along with me as I grew up; a shared feeling amongst Paramore fans.

Back in 2019, Paramore announced they would be taking a break from releasing music so they could step back for a little while and just be friends. However, excitement spiked when Williams recently announced that another Paramore album is to be expected in the future.

In celebration of the band’s hiatus coming to an end, now is a perfect time to remember Paramore’s roots with a close look at their discography.

Behind Megxit: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Recoil from the Royal Family

The British royal family has long captivated the world with the air of class, mystery, and power. In recent decades, journalists have released numerous first-hand accounts that expose a darker side of this powerful legacy.  It’s 2021, and the England that Queen Elizabeth II now reins over is starkly different from the one she knew when she was crowned at 25. Despite the Queen’s reported sincerity and generally favorable image, she is faced with the burden of representing centuries of British imperialism and a fairly outdated institution — a constitutional monarchy. The Queen of England, and much of her extended family, have a royal title. With the title comes influence, fame, and wealth: three things dangerous to undeserving people. There is no denying that the royal family has had its fair share of personal scandals over the past centuries. Following the departure of two senior royal family members, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the royal family has received massive public backlash. The couple announced their decision to step back from their high-profile roles in January …

The Strip District Essentials

Local Pittsburgh Gems Enduring winter months in Pittsburgh, PA often reveals new levels of seasonal depression that people living in sunnier climates have never experienced. Being a Pittsburgh native, I am beyond envious of these people! When the dreary weather departs and serotonin levels rise again, fueled by occasional glimpses of the sun, I put my sweatpants and leggings into hibernation for the summer and replace them with my favorite dresses, jumpsuits, and shorts. Now that I’m all dressed up where should I go… that’s easy! On one gorgeous sunny Saturday in March, I was reunited with a Pittsburgh essential: The Strip District. Here is where I went — and you should too. Mon Aimee Chocolat First stop before lunch: Mon Aimee Chocolat. This local chocolatier was founded by Amy Rosenfield and is celebrating it 90th year of business. Amy saw a gap in the Pittsburgh confectionary market, and, wow am I happy she took a chance to start her own business. They carry a jaw dropping assortment of chocolates and candies from local vendors. …

A Walk Through India

The train stopped in the Southern part of India’s capital, Saket. I arrived after coming from a long day of adventures, meeting and exploring all of New Delhi. As I walked outside the train station, I found myself on the opposite side of the busiest street I had ever known. The chaos of India never seemed to bother me. In fact, I liked it, but right now, I was feeling a little concerned. Reluctant to cross traffic, I scanned all around me for the safest option to get across the street. I had already concluded that my best bet was to walk with a large crowd — traffic would have to stop for all of us. So, I scanned for eager eyes looking to get across the street too. India does not have any traffic laws, so I was not excited to be walking so vulnerably into so much traffic. However, I soon spotted an overpass down the street and started my way towards the bridge of hope. New Delhi is filled with many people. …